Frozen products

The company LEFT is oriented towards the freezing of fruits in order to offer you a wide range of products available all the year with flavor and texture of fruit picked when fully ripe Freshness and quality, that's our motto! Our products are sorted and graded to eliminate discolored, overripe or damaged fruits they are made from 100% natural, fresh and wholesome fruit

Fresh products

From field to fork, our sun-drenched fruits are delivered to our customers as fresh and tasty as when they were picked after being cleaned, sorted and packaged in well-researched material .


We offer you the best of nature thanks to the carefully selected and sorted fruits that are transformed into 100% natural juice, without any additives or artificial preservatives under the strict hygiene standards, as well as the very short delay between the pressing of the fruits and their delivery to the customer.

Jam products

We offer a new palette of flavors each season change; Discover our range of homemade jam with carefully selected fruits for their excellent taste without additives or artificial preservatives irresistibly natural and delicious!

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